Data Backup

Take the stress out of using your computer

If you’ve ever lost important documents, photos or other files from your computer, you know how stressful data loss can be. With Data Recovery solutions from Info Vision, you can put your worry to rest. Our solutions for protecting, backing up, cloning and recovering your most important data can take the anxiety out of using your computer and let you focus on what really matters.

The most common data recovery issue for computers is an operating system failure – usually on a single disk, partition and OS system, where the goal is simply to copy your files to another disk. The expert technicians at Info Vision can meet this challenge with strategic recovery solutions for your servers, desktops, and laptops.

Data Backup solutions from Info Vision include:

  • Data backup services – our technicians will recover deleted or formatted data from your hard drive using state-of-the-art industry solutions
  • Windows password recovery – we can recover forgotten passwords regardless of length or complexity
  • Complete data backup services – to protect your data in the event of a crash or virus
  • Automated data backup services – we set up, install and configure your computer to automatically back up all your files
  • Disk cloning and data migration – copy all of your photos, software programs, videos, music, hardware drivers and documents to another location, so you’re never in danger of losing it all
  • Moving files and settings to a new PC – quickly transfer your programs, e-mail messages, address book, and all your important files from your old computer to the new one

Don’t leave your data up to chance.

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